The Antiquarian Update

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The Antiquarian Update - Build #13843

  • New Class: Antiquarian!
  • New Stage Coach upgrade tree: higher level heroes to recruit!
  • Quest Rewards: Heirloom type is no longer tied to each region. Instead, a random heirloom reward is generated for each individual quest.
  • Heirloom Exchange: trade heirlooms in town! You lose a little in each trade, but this is a quick fix to get that upgrade you really need.
  • Trophy Trinkets now find their way back to the hamlet after losing one. This means also means Trophy Trinkets will now reward retroactively.
  • Changed never again buff to 50% (was 30%)
  • Roster Size Increase: 9/12/16/20/24/28
  • Town upgrade pricing adjustments:
  • reduced crest costs for Nomad and Survivalist
  • reduced deed costs in blacksmith
  • slightly increased deed costs in Stage Coach
  • increased crest usage in most buildings by 25%
  • added costs for new stagecoach upgrade tree

Class Changes


  • Duelist Advance - Added Riposte
  • Open Vein - Added Bleed Resist Debuff
  • Wicked Slice - Increased DMG mod to +15%
  • Increased Min Damage for L4/L5 weapons from 7/8 to 9/8
  • HP changed from 22/26/30/34/38 to 23/28/33/38/43


  • Field Dressing now always heals for 35% and has a 50% chance to heal for 50%
  • Blind Fire - Bonus SPD changes from 5/6/7/8/9 to 4/5/6/7/8 SPD
  • Now applies even on Miss

Misc Fixes

  • Added Never Again bearers to roster group when sorting by Level
  • Added Characters in party to be grouped up when sorting roster by activity.
  • Removed ability to use Firewood while in the middle of camping, thus starting a new camp. You can no longer camp, while you camp, even though you all like to camp.
  • Added NG+ Crest to Embark and Provisioning screens.
  • Added The Siren’s version of the Cove Music to the Soundtrack DLC.
  • Backer Heroes and Trinkets are now unique to the estate and can be reacquired after losing one.
  • Fix to Abominations who stayed in beast form after being teleported out of combat.
  • Fix to Narrator lines not playing when starting New Game +
  • Restored to rotation certain Narrator lines concerning treasure and sick damage.
  • Fixed to NG+ tutorial using wrong backgrounds.
  • Fixed Cursor selection issues around Party Roster on Embark/Provisions screen.
  • Attempt at fixing problem where secret room icon on the map disappears.
  • Fixed roster entry splat when looking at a hero in the guild or blacksmith.
  • UI polish when selecting combat/camping skills in the character screen and when selecting a hero to go into the guild/blacksmith or to display the character screen.
  • Added secret room scout sound.
  • You can no longer sell 0 value trinkets.
  • Fix plot quest order so crypts tutorial shows up first crypts.
  • Fixed Heart Attack Achievement to proc off of any death resulting from a heart attack.
  • Fixed “Dysfunction: Kill any boss with a party of four afflicted heroes” not counting on DD bosses.
  • Fix for Fungal Giant’s Confusion Spore skill chance

Antiquarian Update Hotfix - Build #13850

  • Dismas stopped stubbing his toe after the stagecoach crash in the tutorial, thus allowing him to start at full HP
  • Put in placeholder strings for non-english barks for pending localization

Antiquarian Update: Build #13870

  • Fixed Volume on Antiquarian and Musketeer recruit VO
  • Added Subtitles for Antiquarian and Musketeer recruit
  • Updated how gold de-stacking works upon Antiquarian death, stacks should now reduce down to highest possible stack upon battle/event completion
  • Blacksmith Deed costs have been reduced to their intended values
  • Added Character Barks for Antiquarian and Musketeer for DDQ4
  • Camping Button Feedback
  • Fix monster tooltip showing up doing monster skill
  • Added feedback to the skill buttons on the battle icons.

Antiquarian Update: Build #13887

  • Hitting take all after the Antiquarian finds loot during Camping no longer selects the character underneath it.
  • Fixed some subtitles that were had extra lines in it (Wayne says…)
  • Antiquarian
   ** PROT bonus from Guard me changed from 25/28/32/36/40 to 20/22/25/27/30
   ** ACC debuff on Flashpowder changed from 5/8/10/12/15 to 5/10/12/15/18 
  • Fix to crash related to the Siren fight.