Templar Sniper

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Templar Sniper
Templar Sniper.png
Тип Eldritch/Beast
Размер Large
ОЗ 105
Уклонение 29%
Защита 0%a
Скорость 6
Poptext stun.png Оглушение 98%
Poptext poison.png Яд 98%
Poptext bleed.png Кровотечение 68%
Poptext debuff.png Ослабление 68%
Poptext move.png Перемещение 48%

Templar Sniper is a weaker version of Templar Warlord found on the third quest in the Darkest Dungeon. He has only one action per turn so he's much more vulnerable to stuns and debuffs.


Darkest Level
Ability Name Attack Type Rank Requirement Targetable Rank Accuracy Crit Chance Damage Effect Self
Torment Melee 1,2,3,4 1-2 103.75% 7% 8-17 No Effect No Effect
Stinger Shot Ranged 3,4 1,2,3 113.75% 17% 12-17 Poptext poison.png Blight Poptext debuff.png Debuff No Effect
Doomsday Ranged 3,4 1-2-3-4 113.75% 7% 5-8 Poptext move.png Back 1 Poptext stun.png Stun No Effect