Черты Характера

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Этот значок символизирует черты характера.

Герои могут обладать определенными чертами характера. Герои создаются со случайными чертами характера, а так же могут получать их во время путешествий или отдыхе в городе, эти черты могут быть как позитивными, так и негативными.

Получение и удаление черт

При найме героев из дилижанса они изначально обладают случайным набором черт. Это как минимум одна позитивная и одна негативная черта характера.

Дополнительные черты характера (как негативные, так и позитивные) могут быть получены во время экспедиций при взаимодействии с диковинками. По окончании экспедиции (вне зависимости от результата) выжившие герои могут получить дополнительную черту характера. Некоторые черты так же могут быть получены как результат снятия стресса в городе, например при посещении таверны или аббатства.

Герой одновременно может иметь максимум 5 негативных и 5 позитивных черт. Если герой получает дополнительную черту характера при наличии 5 черт, то случайная черта характера меняется на полученную.

Черты характера можно закреплять и удалять в лечебнице. Закрепленные черты характера не могут быть заменены на новые. Максимум можно закрепить до 3х черт.

Стоимость закрепления или удаления черт характера зависит от уровня решимости героя.

Список позитивных черт характера

Quirk name Effect
Armor Tinker -20% Armor Upgrade Cost
Weapon Tinker -20% Weapon Upgrade Cost
Back Tracker No Stress penalty when walking backwards
Balanced +15% Move Resist
Beast Hater +15% DMG vs Beast, -15% Stress Dmg vs Beast
Clotter +15% Bleed Resist
Clutch Hitter When Health is below 50%, +3% Critical Chance
Cove Tactician +15% DMG in Cove
Deadly +1% Critical Chance
Eagle Eye +3% Critical Chance for Ranged attacks
Early Riser When Light Above 75, +2 Speed
Eldritch Hater +15% Damage inflicted and -15% Stress Damage taken vs Eldritch
Evasive +5 Dodge
Fast Healer +10% Heal Skills while Camping
Fated Chance to turn any MISS into a HIT
Healer's Gift +20% Heal Skills while Camping
Hard Noggin +15% Stun Resist
Hard Skinned +10% Protection
Hatred of Unholy +15% Damage inflicted and -15% Stress Damage taken vs Unholy
Improved Balance +15% Chance to resist being pushed or pulled in battle.
Irrepressible +5% Virtue Chance
Last Gasp When Health is below 50%, +1 Speed
Lurker +10% DMG if Torch below 26
Mankind Hater +15% DMG vs Human, -15% Stress Dmg vs Human
Mankind Slayer +10 ACC vs Human, +3% CRT vs Human
Meditator Improves stress recovery for Meditating at Abbey and while camping.
Natural Eye +5 Accuracy for Ranged attacks
Natural Swing +5 Accuracy for Melee attacks
Night Owl +2 SPD if Torch below 26
Nymphomania +20% Stress Heal from using Brothel
On Guard +4 Speed and +5 Dodge on the first round of Combat
Photomania When Light is Above 75, -20% Stress Dmg
Precise Striker +3% Critical Chance for Melee attacks
Quickdraw +4 Speed on the first round of Combat
Quick Reflexes +2 Speed
Resilient +10% Stress Heal
Robust +15% Disease Resist
Ruins Adventurer -20% stress damage in Ruins.
Ruins Explorer +20% scouting chance in Ruins.
Ruins Scrounger +10% scouting chance in Ruins.
Ruins Tactician +15% damage in Ruins.
Second Wind When Health is below 50%, +10% Damage
Beast Slayer +10 Accuracy and +3% Critical Chance vs Beast
Eldritch Slayer +10 Accuracy and +3% Critical Chance vs Eldritch
Unholy Slayer +10 Accuracy and +3% Critical Chance vs Unholy
Slugger +10% Damage for Melee attacks
Steady -10% Stress Dmg
Stout +15% Heal Recieved while camping
Stress Faster When Stress is >= 50, -100% more Food consumed
Thick Blooded +10% Blight Resist
Tough +10% Max HP
Unerring +10% Damage for Ranged attacks
Unyielding +10% Death Blow Resist
Warrens Adventurer +20% Stress Resist in Warrens
Warrens Explorer +20% Scouting Chance in Warrens
Warrens Scrounger +10% Scouting Chance in Warrens
Warrens Tactician +15% Damage in Warrens
Warrior of Light When Light is >= 75%, +10% Damage
Weald Adventurer +20% Stress Resist in Weald
Weald Explorer +20% Scouting Chance in Weald
Weald Scrounger +10% Scouting Chance in Weald
Weald Tactician +15% Damage in Weald

Список негативных черт характера

Quirk name Effect
Ablutomania Obsessed with cleanliness. Prone to investigate fountains.
Anemic -10% Bleed Resist
Automatonophobia (Monster Type Human) -20% Stress Resist
Bad Gambler Increased chance of losing money while Gambling.
Bloodthirsty Fascinated with injury, wounds, and torture. Prone to investigating Body-type curios.
Bulimic (In Camp:) -20% Heal Received
Calm (First Round) -15% DMG
Claustrophobia Severe fear of enclosed spaces. 20% increased stress in corridors.
Clumsy -5 Dodge
Compulsive Suffers intense need to do specific actions. Prone to investigate all curios.
Curious Obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge. Prone to investigate all curios.
Dacnomania Obsessed with killing. Prone to investigate Body-type curios.
Dark Temptation Prone to investigating the Dark Arts. (Unholy curios)
Demonomania Believes is possessed by demons. Prone to investigate Unholy curios.
Deviant Tastes Is not allowed to visit the Brothel.
Dipsomania Intense craving for alcohol. Prone to investigate Drink curios.
Diurnal (Light Below:25) -2 SPD
Egomania Obsessed with self-worship.
Enlightened In Town, will only Meditate for stress relief.
Faithless Will not Pray or Flagellate for stress relief.
Fear of Beast (Monster Type Beast) -15% Stress Resist -10 ACC
Fear of Eldritch When fighting Eldritch monsters, -15% Stress Resist and -10 Accuracy
Fear of Mankind When fighting humanoids, -15% Stress Resist and -10 Accuracy
Fear of Unholy (Monster Type Unholy) -15% Stress Resist -10 ACC
Flagellant In town, will only Flagellate for stress relief.
Flawed Release (Ranged) -3% CRT
Fragile -10% MAX HP
Gambler In town, will only Gamble.
God Fearing In Town will only Pray for stress relief.
Guilty Conscience Bears the crushing guilt of deeds real and imagined. Prone to investigate
Hagiomania Obsessed with sainthood. Prone to investigate Worship curios.
Hemophilia -20% Bleed Resist
Hieromania Experiences religious visions and delusions. Prone to investigate Worship curios.
Hylomania Obsessed with material things. Prone to investigate Treasure curios.
Kleptomaniac Prone to stealing Items from treasure curios.
Known Cheat Is not allowed to gamble while in town.
Lazy Eye -5 Accuracy for ranged attacks
Light Sensitive (Light Above:0) -10% DMG
Love Interest In town, will only visit the Brothel for stress relief.
Lygophobia (Light Below:25) -20% Stress Resist
Mercurial -5% Resist Affliction
Misses the Spot -1% CRT
Necromania Fascinated with corpses. Prone to investigate Body curios.
Nervous -10% Stress Resist
Nocturnal (Light Above:75) -2 SPD
Off Guard (First Round) -4 SPD, -5 DODGE
Paranormania Obsessed with the paranormal. Prone to investigate Unholy curios.
Phengophobia (Light Above:75)-20% Stress Resist
Plutomania Manic for money. Prone to investigate Treasure curios.
Resolution In town, will never Drink.
Ruins Phobe -20% Stress Resist in Ruins
Ruminator -10% Stress Heal
Satanophobia When fighting Unholy monsters, -20% Stress Resist
Scattering (Ranged) -5% DMG
Shocker -10% Stun Resist
Sickly -10% Disease Resist
Sitiomania Obsessed with food.
Slowdraw (First Round) -4 SPD
Slow Reflexes -1 SPD
Soft -5% MAX HP
Stress Eater (Stress Above 50) +100% Food consumed
Thanatophobia (Health Below:50%) -20% Stress Resist
Thin Blooded -10% Blight Resist
Tippler In town, will only Drink.
Tither Pays extra gold for all Abbey activities.
Torn Rotator -5% Damage
Tuckered Out (Health Below:50%) -10% DMG
Unquiet Mind May not Meditate while in town.
Warrens Phobe -20% Stress Resist in Warrens
Weak Grip (Melee) -3% CRT
Weak Grip on Life -10% Death Blow Resist
Weald Phobe -20% Stress Resist in Weald
Winded -1 Speed when Health Below 50%
Witness After seeing troubling behavior, will not take part in Prayer activity in town.
Zoophobia (Monster Type Beast) -20% Stress Resist