Ascended Brawler

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Ascended Brawler
Ascended Brawler.png
Тип Human
Размер Small
ОЗ 32
Уклонение 23.75%
Защита 0%
Скорость 7
Poptext stun.png Оглушение 72.5%
Poptext poison.png Яд 67.5%
Poptext bleed.png Кровотечение 67.5%
Poptext debuff.png Ослабление 62.5%
Poptext move.png Перемещение 73%

The Ascended Brawler is a cultist, blessed by his Eldritch god. His behaviour is alike to his aspiring counterpart, he will Rend for the New God from the front ranks, applying strong bleed and use Stumbling Scratch if pushed to the back. This enemy can be encountered on the first 2 expeditions in the Darkest Dungeon.
Darkest Level
Ability Name Attack Type Rank Requirement Targetable Rank Accuracy Crit Chance Damage Effect Self
Rend for the New God Melee 1,2 1,2, 93.75% 17% 4-9 Poptext bleed.png Bleed,Poptext debuff.png Debuff Tagdamage.png+DMG vs Marked No Effect
Stumbling Scratch Melee 3,4 1,2 63.75% 0% 4-9 No Effect Poptext move.png forward 1