Absolute Nothingness

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Absolute Nothingness
Absolute Nothingness.png
Тип Cosmic
Размер Small
ОЗ 999
Уклонение 100%
Защита 0%
Скорость 0
Poptext stun.png Оглушение 1000%
Poptext poison.png Яд 1000%
Poptext bleed.png Кровотечение 1000%
Poptext debuff.png Ослабление 1000%
Poptext move.png Перемещение 1000%

The Absolute Nothingness is an obstacle, much like the Shattered Pew in the Prophet fight. It does nothing, but has 999 dodge. It is classified as Cosmic.


Being an obstacle, Absolute Nothingness will not take any turns nor do anything to your party members. Its only use is to serve as position placeholders during the second phase of the Ancestor fight.